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iPhone Hard Disk Storage Space Upgrade Service


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Screen:No scratches, pristine.
Case/Body:Minimal signs of wear that are invisible from a 30cm distance. Like-new look & feel.
Screen:Minimal scratches that are barely noticeable only when screen is off.
Case/Body:Minor signs of wear and light scratches. Invisible from a 30cm distance.
Screen:Minor but visible scratches.
Case/Body:Visible light scratches and small dings are visible. 
Screen:Prominent scratches on screen. They do not impact visibility when the device is on.
Case/Body:Noticeable micro scratches visible upon close inspection. 

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Welcome to experience our professional iPhone hard drive upgrade service! In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for smartphone storage is constantly increasing. Upgrading your iPhone’s hard drive is the ideal solution to enhance performance and expand storage capacity.

🚀 Performance Boost: Upgrade your iPhone’s hard drive and feel the immediate improvement in app loading speed and overall smoothness. Say goodbye to lags and let your iPhone shine with renewed vitality!

💾 Ample Storage Capacity: Enjoy a larger storage space without the worry of running out of room for photos, videos, and applications. Capture beautiful moments, download your favorite apps, all without concerns about insufficient capacity.

🔄 Extended Lifespan: By upgrading the hard drive, extend the lifespan of your iPhone. Not only will your device become more reliable, but it will also be better equipped to handle future technological advancements.

🔒 Data Security Assurance: We provide professional data migration services, ensuring the safety of your personal data during the upgrade process. Your precious memories and files will be seamlessly transferred to the new hard drive.

🌐 Compatibility and Support: Our hard drive upgrade service ensures compatibility with the latest technology and operating systems, providing your iPhone with comprehensive and robust support.

💸 Cost-Effective: Compared to purchasing a new device, hard drive upgrades are a cost-effective choice, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an upgrade without the need for a new device.

Choose us, and you’ll receive professional technical support, efficient service, and the opportunity to breathe new life into your iPhone. Don’t let storage space and performance issues bother you any longer. Contact us now to inject new vitality into your iPhone!

Notice Before Payment:

  1. Please leave your contact information, such as email and phone number, on the payment page so that our technical team can communicate with you promptly.

  2. After placing an order, we will send the shipping address to your email at the earliest. Please check and confirm the address.

  3. We will complete your order within three working days, and the specific time is subject to the date we receive your parcel. As the data backup, compress and transfer process need at least 3-5 hours per case (according to data size in the phone), we cannot finish the task within a day, please do not push us and please prepare a spare phone as daily use.

  4. Please back up your data to the iCloud system. Due to personal privacy protection policies, we will not inspect or compare your data. All backup files will be directly transferred to the new hard drive in a compressed manner. During the operation, we cannot open, browse, or compare any files hence we will not assume any responsibility for accidental file loss.

  5. Data transfer will not back up or transfer any account passwords (for all apps). Please back up and remember your personal account passwords. We will not ask for any account or password for any reason, except for the screen unlock password.

  6. If you can backup your phone at home, you can reset the phone to factory settings, then keep the iCloud account in the phone. In this case, the screen lock passwords or the iCloud Passwords are still required in order to enter the new system (no personal data left) to test all functions before shipping. 
  7.  There is no aftermarket Apple hard disk in the world, please do not worry about the quality issue. All hard disks we will install are genuine parts. 
  8. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at

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